Daily Dump is a brand, a service, a set of products and a way of life that we hope people begin to subscribe to.

Daily Dump is the brand of a company called PBK Waste Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Daily Dump is a pioneer of designing and building solutions that enable everyone to participate to keep the city clean.

Daily Dump has a range of segregation products, composters, books, services and auxiliary products that reflect its mission to allow everyone to "Harm Less".

Daily Dump's range of composting products help you manage your household/community organic waste and convert it to useful high-quality compost. It supports you with flexible service plans to achieve your goal of becoming a green citizen.

The Daily Dump products are designed to ensure that you compost at home, conveniently and hygienically.

We have also launched a new service called Recycle Guru that will help communities recycle their dry waste and support the informal waste dealers in the process.

For us Waste is not waste - it is resource wasted! Also we believe in making Waste visible and Beautiful. We think this will help people remain conscious of throwing sensibly and also allow the next generation to know a better practice of managing our resources.

On this site you’ll find information on us and our products, plus free material on everything you need to start your own composting project, faster than you can say 'biodegradable'.

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