We want you to compost all organic waste that you generate at home

From the home

Fruits and Vegetables

Some of them need special attention as shown on the right column

Dried flowers, puja flowers

Some people buy a composter only for Puja flowers – holy compost

It is preferable to cut citrus fruits into quarters

Must add compost activator and 3 tablespoons of baking soda every week to balance acidity

Mango and tamarind seeds take long

Can be removed when seiving compost and added to fresh waste

Bones of fish, chicken and meat need to be buried deep into the pile

Cover fish waste with many layers of newspaper to avoid the smell.Do not overload the pile with bones

Corn cob, sugar cane, watermelon, stalks of cauliflower and flowers all need to be cut into smaller bits

Shred newspaper, old envelopes, paper tissue and cloth

No plastic

Cooked food and rotten vegetables

Coffee powder, coffee decoction, tea leaves, tea bags, tamarind pulp and egg shells

Egg shells need to be crushed

Coconut husk and shell

Paper plates with plastic lining and paper cups

Foil wrappers and shiny packaging of chocolates, sweets, namkeen, biscuits, gutka, chewing gum

Plastic bags and snipped corners of plastic milk packets


Dead animals

Animal hair

Human & animal droppings

Batteries, cigarette butts

From the Garden

Garden litter & sweepings

You need to add equal proportion of dried leaves or/shredded paper or sawdust

Weeds and diseased plants

If for any reason, you are unable to cut the waste into smaller bits - don’t worry. Composting will take longer, with no adverse effect on quality.

Do not put in any mixed waste like chutney or sambar in plastic packets. It is best to avoid buying wet food in plastic.

Summary of Additives that can go into the composter

Neem Oil Cake Powder

3 table spoons once a week

Baking Soda

3 tablespoons once a week


2 teaspoons of the microbial culture that we supply (once a week) or you can add urine, cow dung, or semi-done compost

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