Shiwani Priyadarshi
Me and my khamba are at our “first anniversary”. Its been a great relationship. I give attention and get back the black gold.

I tried unsuccessfully to make compost in flower pots and failed. Then during a visit to The Ants store I discovered Daily Dump but thought spending another 800 bucks was silly. So I tried again with flower pots and got a messy ugly balcony as a reward and gave up yet again. Then one fine day when I was in Indiranangar I just went to Daily Dump and got myself a chota khamba (with accelerator, neem powder and free dry leaves). Then started a series of mistakes:

1. I really thought that dry leaves would fill up my khamba for no good reason so avoided them.
2. I really thought accelerators would be great for decomposition so added it with water almost every second day.

In three weeks time I got a great ugly green black sludge for my efforts.

With a cloth mask on my face and gloves on my hands, I emptied the ugly stinky mess on a plastic sheet and mixed in lots and lots of leaves and shredded paper and a bit of neem cake powder. And a month later I got my first batch of BSF larva wiggling in the dump. A week later they died. I wrote to Daily Dump. They said its ok as not all piles support the larva through their entire life cycle.

That put all my fears and uncertainties to rest. Now an year and 8 kgs of compost later I would love to share my learning with other enthusiasts and newbies:

1. If you really care about the environment, don’t donate 1000 bucks to some cause but buy a composter with that money.
2. If you live in an apartment (we do), get a khamba, nothing else works in such a mess free way and takes so little space. And it looks pretty good.
3. Never underestimate the “yuck factor”. After all its waste we are handling. Buy gloves.
4. After the first lot, there is no need to but accelerators, a few scoops of previous batch is a great starter and its free.
5. Larva are our friends. They speed up the decomposition and are harmless (they will not bite).
6. Bones, mango seeds, tamarind seeds take months to fully decompose. Thats no reason to throw them out. I keep moving them to the newer piles and consider them as the starter for new piles.

Thank you Daily Dump for giving us the khamba. Its a best thing which has happened to our home.



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