Dear Friend of Composting,

Daily dump just turned 4 this year. Yes, its been a challenging and wonderful ride so far. Do visit our website to see the changes that have happened – (our products section is still being constructed)

We would like to thank you for your support and encouragement so far. We have installed our first community composting solution last financial year and the team has grown to a size of 6 very eccentric but passionate women.

This very same team decided to also learn film making of a different kind. The “Quick Gun Murugan Way” – so we bought the cheapest camera and used imovie as our editor and had a very willing teacher in Helen Han (who was in India helping Daily Dump make a movie on waste) and hey presto – we became stars.It is our pleasure to share our very first movie that we learnt to make – hope you enjoy it.

It is about saving dried leaves – a resource that everyone gets fed up with.

Everybody who is composting knows how precious dry leaves are. But we still see mounds of dry leaves being burned every year. Come, let’s save our leaves. Watch

Please share this method of leaf composting with as many people as you can.