People often ask us, “why bother with segregating wet and dry waste because the garbage collection truck tosses it all together anyway?”

We usually respond with this question 👇🏼

Why do we store spices separately in our kitchen masala dabba (spice box)?

It’s because we know that each spice has an individual flavour & taste. We take care to use them in the right proportions. Storing each separately keeps the unique flavours intact – it’s about preserving value.

It’s the same with our waste!

When we sort and store our waste separately, we retain its value and pass on the benefits of that to our pourakarmikas, sanitation workers and recyclers and others in the chain.

When we dispose mixed waste, not only is each material difficult to separate, it also releases toxins in our air, water and soil.  The breakdown of these materials in landfills in the absence of air produces methane – a deadly green house gas, that is nearly 25-30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Toxic leachates from this stinking mess poison ground water.

Waste segregation has a lot of benefits. We just need to start!

How to start segregating waste at home

Segregating waste at home is not difficult. Find a small corner in your home to sort and store the cleaned items till you hand it over to a responsible recycler. Keep electronic waste, batteries and bulbs separately.

At Daily Dump, we offer an entire universe of waste segregation and composting products. Handy sorters, attractive posters for awareness around waste and segregation. These products encourage and empower individuals and organisations to manage their waste at source – at home or at work.

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