In August, 2010 we had initiated this project at the school by installing 3 leave-it-pots and facilitating a workshop for the children on understanding waste.

Over the next few months, we monitored the progress of the composting process with the children and the school librarian – Anupama.

In Dec 2010, we tied up the project with a final workshop for the children to help them understand the value of the dry waste that they had collected over the last few months and the compost that they made from the organic waste.

We then visited the local kabaadiwalla with the children where they were divided in teams and took turns to interact with the kabaadiwalla. Each team was paid for the waste they brought in, which made them realise that they can get something for the waste they save.

Discussions on the value of different plastics, soiled vs clean plastics, etc were facilitated with the children. We also discussed how would they like to take this forward. Along with their teachers they decided that the money they had earned form the waste collection would be used for acquiring school equipment like a football or a cricket bat. They also said they would start training their juniors in taking over this campaign of collecting dry waste and maintaining the composters, as this was their last year in this school. The worksheets that we had asked the children to maintain was also interesting to see. Some had drawn, some had described using words.

All in all, it was an interesting and fun exercise and we hope the children also found it a fun learning experience.


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