Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. The New Year is often the best time to start something new. And what better way to make a fresh start than to make 2018 the year of composting?

If you live in a community like Palash Cooperative Society at Wakad in Pune it’s even easier to make a substantial change by segregating your waste and composting with Daily Dump’s Aaga – our community composter. All it takes is one champion like Ms. Swati Korde of Palash to get the ball rolling! After only 6 months, 250 families now compost their wet waste in the Aaga. 160 kgs of daily wet waste from these families is turning into 2,000 kgs of black gold every month!

Palash was just in time, too, as municipalities in Maharashtra, like Mumbai, are leading the way with waste segregation by penalising communities that are not segregating their wet and dry waste with fines of ₹10,000! If they produce over 100 kilograms of wet waste per day, it becomes their responsibility to be responsible by turning it into compost instead of sending it to the landfill.

So if you belong to a bulk generator of waste – a school, a restaurant, a hotel, an apartment building – perhaps it’s time to make a plan for the new year. Will you make extra effort to ensure your waste is disposed of properly?

You, too, can learn from Palash and start to compost as a community – and even grow a beautiful, community garden from what was once your kitchen waste!












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