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Yogita and Karan open their store in Goa named Green Essentials. Like Yogita says in her mail :

To tell you a little about Green Essentials:

Green Essentials is a store that sells beautiful products that make a real difference to our immediate environment, making it cleaner and chemical-free. Through this store we are aiming at making available, natural products that are substitutes for the the chemical-based, everyday essentials in or lives. Some of the products we are stocking include home composting units (Daily Dump), Natural pesticides, insecticides and bug-repellents, chemical-free fertilisers, EM-based products etc…

We are currently in the process of testing other products that will soon make it to our shelves.

We are sure this store is going to do really well and we hope that they will be able to source their next lot of pots from local potters.


Daily Dump is brand of waste management products and services that help you do your bit to reduce the mess. We proudly make in India, for India.