Recycling waste at home – the basics

Recycling waste can be overwhelming ..there are so many different categories and so many different opinions on how to do it. So here we share a few basic facts about the easy to recycle materials like Paper, plastic, metal and glass.

** Clean and store all recyclable waste. So much can be reused

** Rinse, dry and store the high value paper, plastic and cardboard. There are so many different grades of paper, plastic, metal and glass that only those who work with these materials everyday know it well.

** Keep the low value, smaller bits of paper and thin plastic in separate bags to hand over to the recycler

** Collect e-waste separately as this needs to be handled with care. We collect e-waste at our office in Indiranagar and ensure it is recycled responsibly through our partner Ensyde

** Send only the rejects to landfill. This should be only 10% of the waste you generate.

If you’d like to know your waste better, read this

It’s Global Recycling Day today – no better time to get started if we haven’t already.

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