It’s summertime and children are home for the holidays! After they spend their first few days (or weeks even?) sitting in front of the TV or chatting on their phones, how will they spend their holiday time? Maybe a family vacation? Some holiday homework?


Perhaps you’re searching for a way to engage your children at home in a fun activity that actually teaches them something useful and valuable as well. If you are the type of parent who loves mixing business with pleasure, we’ve got just the item for you.

Introducing the Nano Kambha!


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With the Nano Kambha, your children will be able to compost on their own. Think of it as a science lab in a box. The Nano Kambha comes complete with some of our very special Remix Powder to cover up the fruit peels and vegetable scraps they put into the composter. While they watch and wait for their food to turn into magic soil, they can read the story of Where Did My Mango Go, which is included in the kit. You can also purchase our other adorable children’s books – The Magic Gamla Pot, Ouch & Moo Books – which are filled with fun activities to get your children thinking about nature in the city.


Additional activities like painting the kambha with block art designs we provide and a research activity for your children to find out who makes the objects they find in their house and discover where they come from. While the food breaks down into compost, you can also help your children study the changes taking place – and all the little critters helping that process of biodegradation – under a magnifying glass. You can even take a used plastic bottle and cut it up to make your own magnifying glass! If your children feel really inspired, they can keep a journal observing and recording the changes taking place. They can also photograph each day and try to discern the various processes at work from day to day. Taken as a whole, these activities will help your children to learn how to see the difference between the cyclical aspects of nature and the linear lives of humans.


Once the compost is ready to go, you can stop by our shop for some organic seeds, gamlas or plastic grow bags (if you already purchase your Remix Powder in them you may be good to go!), or even extra compost to give your soil some more sustenance.


By teaching your children how to compost your food waste, you’re showing them that it’s not at all waste but a valuable resource! By using that resource to grow more plants – perhaps yummy vegetables – that they eat and use in the compost again, you’re educating your child on the beautiful cycles of life that nature follows. This is the ultimate lesson that, if we all follow, will help make our cities and our world a much cleaner place to live in.