Starting to spread the message..
ongoing project
We spoke at many layouts and associations. The Rainbow Drive Layout on Sarjapur road has many customers who are how composting at home. The IISc staff quarters has a lot of converts. We were invited to Rotary Clubs and Schools where we gave talks about the products and explained the workings of home composting.








‘Real’ education for children

We were invited by the “Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness” to participate in the annual civic fair and exhibition at St.Joseph’s Indian High School. It was a real education to see the perceptions school children have of ideas like “ecology”, “organic”, “waste”, “compost”. It strengthened our resolve to work more in the area of projects for young people that moved from rudimentary to sophisticated understandings








Daily Dump arrives at the Hopcoms
Bangalore has so many of these fruit and vegetable co-operative outlets. Each of these generate valuable organic waste that can be converted into compost. We began showing what can be done by placing 6 units free of cost outside the Hopcoms near our office. We knew we could expect some to get stolen or damaged. Sure enough on the third night – two pots disappeared! But we will continue till we establish to Mahadevappa (the owner of this outlet) that he can actually sell done compost! Watch this experiment, we are very excited by it.









Daily Dump is brand of waste management products and services that help you do your bit to reduce the mess. We proudly make in India, for India.