How our customers are the agents for change in the world of compost!

When we started Daily Dump in 2006, we had a vision – to help people reimagine their relationship with the earth, with urban spaces and with each other. With that in mind, we set out on a journey of experimenting and failing, learning and educating, growing and elevating those around us with us.

We started with a question, ‘How might we make it easier for everyone to participate in making a greener world starting from their homes? What would it take for ordinary folks to be motivated to begin their journey to sustainable choices and lifestyles?’

We felt that individual pride and making visible their role as being part of the solution for change was the most effective way. It was in our minds also the most ideal to allow for organic spread. It had in its DNA the strength of replicability, simplicity and adaptability. And today our customers are demonstrating that our initial hypothesis was apt for addressing a problem of this nature. 

The purpose of Daily Dump is to be a spur to change. Our products are a result of design research and testing to ensure that we understand the unstated needs of customers. We are continually innovating composting methods to make the composting process easier for our customers while advocating for small, perpetual and conscious changes. You can visit us here to check out our composters, composting accessories and more to help you start making compost at home!

Our  #mycomposterconnectsmewithnature campaign earlier this year aimed at putting our heroes in the forefront, sharing their stories and stimulating others to take proactive action towards the environment and composting. Shefali Ganesh from Bangalore says she was inspired by Daily Dump to start her composting adventure. “Two years ago, I came across an organisation named Daily Dump – these environment warriors are probably the pioneers of introducing easy composting for urban apartment people like myself”. She has described our Khamba composter as a “contraption that magically churns out compost from food waste”, and it could not be more accurate! Accompanied by her ten-year-old, Shefali now gives back to Mother Earth daily by making compost at home.

Parvathy from Bangalore was inspired by Vani Murthy to walk into the Daily Dump store and find herself a Gobble solo, our bachelor composter, to start her composting journey. Amidst the pandemic, running out of space in her tiny nature’s bin, Parvathy innovated to turn household items like dustbins and laundry units into make-do composters. We don’t call our customers “agents of change” for no reason! Her unique composting methods have helped her heal the environment during the time of crisis.

Ashwini, mum to adorable five-year-old Yuvan, has her son educate her about composting! “Yuvan came across a video wherein a giant whale was lying near the seashore, and scientists dug out tons of plastic waste from inside her. Yuvan loves aquatic animals, and seeing this broke his heart. He immediately pledged not to use plastic anymore.” Looking at her son’s determination, Ashwini started researching activities for them to do together when she came across Daily Dump and learnt about making compost at home. “Yuvan loves making compost. We go to the church next to our house to collect dry leaves for the compost.” Ashwini says she is motivated to share her story to encourage and urge parents to introduce their children to sustainable habits like composting.


Fifteen thousand odd kilometres away in Miami, Florida, Shraddha came across the heaps of information on the Daily Dump website and started composting and set up a waste management system on a small scale. “A few days ago, I got a delightful surprise. I think those plants are either capsicums or tomatoes!” she exclaimed. 

A recent Instagram live session with Poonam Bir Kasturi, founder of Daily Dump inspired Sreelekha Dey, a young eco-warrior from West Bengal to start her composting journey. “Wet waste sitting in landfills inside a polybag adds so much methane to the environment. And Indian landfills are only expanding. If every household starts composting, so many problems will be solved. And manual scavengers will be spared too.” she says. She plans to buy the terracotta Khamba from Daily Dump to accelerate her zero-waste lifestyle. “It all started with Daily Dump, so I had to share. Sharing the story of a beginner like me may encourage others to give composting a shot too!”

At Daily Dump, we believe that our waste is our responsibility. We educate, encourage, engage and enable communities to foster a better, well-equipped and a decentralised waste management system. We designed our concept to be customer-centric, where we offer the necessary scaffolding and nudge at each step of our customers’ composting journey. Nothing motivates us more than looking at the positive impact that our agents are bringing about, one home composter at a time.

Daily Dump is a brand, a service, a set of products and a way of life that we hope more and more people begin to subscribe to. Our customers are the real heroes, the agents of change here, creating a safer and a healthier environment, one compost bin at a time!

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Happy Composting! Stay Safe 


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