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As a fresh graduate of design, I was thrilled to be able to work with Poonam, who was in the process of developing India’s first ever home composter. The reason was, that it just felt right in so many ways. In the six months that I was “gainfully unemployed”, we visited the potters, combated and befriended maggots, discovered the wonders of citronella and watched years of research and exploration solidify into ‘Daily Dump’.

Over the years and well after I left Bangalore, I have mentally examined the concept of Daily Dump from several perspectives – perhaps to revisit and demystify a philosophy of design that I identify with or perhaps because the inner critic in me just needs to be reassured. And every time the concept of this venture effortlessly holds its ground and stands the test of time.

The robustness of the Daily Dump concept relies on the interconnectedness of the web that it has created, bringing together key systemic issues, ecology, design, the craft communities, science, business and so many of us into a symbiotic whole with an insightful understanding of the Indian social and cultural context.

Fifteen years after its launch, Daily Dump is not only saving thousands of tons of organic waste from landfills, but it has an assortment of products to serve a wide range of contexts (have you seen the store locator?!). In addition, potter communities have been able to grow their business and composting at home has become a way of life for thousands of families.

Having followed Daily Dump’s journey from the side lines over the last one and a half decades, here is a representation of how I see this fascinating web that is Daily Dump – so much more than just a terracotta pot!

Keep growing, Daily Dump!

Kanyika Kini

Former Compost Chutki turned DD cheerleader

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