Coordinators of Total Sanitation Campaign in Dhamtari District of Chattisgarh have focussed their efforts on hygiene in the locality.As a part of this they have been involved in setting up a model in the Adarsh Kanya Ucchatar Maadhyamik Vidyalaya. They visited us alongwith a potter and a few students and teachers of the school to understand waste management practices.

We organised a short workshop to give them a bird’s eye view of what we knew about waste. The participants were well versed with waste segregation – so the waste sorting and life cycle analysis activities were a fun way for them to explore the nature of different non-biodegradable wastes. The composting tour interested them more and we found they are very keen to replicate composting in the school first and later in the neighbourhood.

We wish their venture speed and hope the workshop was helpful!chattisgarh1chattisgarh2



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