It’s a wedding – and it wouldn’t be a wedding without invitations. How else would everyone know to save the date and attend in the first place?


Many young Indian urbanites are opting for evites – at places like Yoovite – to spread the good news about their impending nuptials. However, we all have those aunties who aren’t yet as Internet savvy as us. So what do you do if you want to cut down on your use of paper, but need to deliver a few hard copies of invitations to those special people in your life?

Why not choose cards made of either recycled paper or handmade paper? There are so many people producing beautiful handmade papers in India. This will certainly add to the allure of your Zero Waste wedding! There are so many options from Seed Paper India to El Rhino Dung Paper to Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper to A2 Naturals paper that comes with a seed ball Ganesha! All of these options add a unique touch to your wedding plans.

And of course don’t forget to make sure whomever you buy from doesn’t use a plastic envelope for their cards!


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