Partner with us / Intro

Daily Dump began with re-imagining our relationship with waste.

To clean up India, we need committed partners
who align with our way of doing things.

We have emerged as thought leaders who dare to make
mistakes & enjoy a bit of irreverance.

Want to do business with heart?

Partner with us / Ideal

Ideal Daily Dump partners

The enthusiast

The part-timer

The Eco-preneur

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Partner with us / Attributes

The critical attributes we look for...

1. Persuasive marketing skills

A significant part of the job is to convince people to change their behavior & invest in waste management for better health. Being able to speak to small and large audiences with patience and passion are necessary if you want to take on this task!

2. Transparency & ethics

We at Daily Dump aim to maintain the highest quality of service to each and every customer, even if it is at a cost to us. We believe in stating problems and challenges upfront and never hiding facts from the customer. We do not believe in making an unnecessary sale or a sale to an unwilling customer.

3. Customer centric attitude

You should enjoy promoting and providing a great customer experience. Every happy customer brings in 5 more. One unhappy customer keeps ten people away.

4. Business acumen & networking

Having an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to devote requisite time & personal attention to the day-to-day operations of the partnership is key to making this a success. You must have the ability to manage finances, work a lean organization and build associations with the right networks.

5. Knowledgeable & well informed approach

The waste industry is very dynamic. Knowing the policies of the state, local customs, socio-political dynamics around waste in their city will help you convince your audience.

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Partner with us / Give & Receive

Give & Receive

Our Value Proposition


  • Low financial investment in inventory
  • Low financial investment in space


  • Quick returns on investment
  • Performance based rewards
  • Fulfillment and contribution to a cause

Intellectual Property & Brand

  • Association with a thought leader and pioneer in the waste industry
  • Opportunity to participate with a business that is 'future ready'
  • Engagement with a growing, passionate community of outreach partners
  • Chance to sell our innovative, aesthetic, award winning, proven products that have changed perceptions towards waste in urban India.
  • Our investment in R&D and Product & Service innovation ensures the business remains current, robust and a market leader


  • Comprehensive training on products, customer handling & service support
  • Access to refresher training programs of Daily Dump.
  • Provision of a basic 'Partner Tool Kit' of Daily Dump collaterals, visual aids, presentations etc. (Low investment for you on collaterals and marketing materials as we invest in high quality design)
  • Listing on our website - the go to site for home composting in India
  • Promotion on our social media platforms
  • Periodic promotional events at headquarters to create pull for the whole community

Our Expectations

  • 3 years of work experience (in any sector, formal or informal).
  • Do a successful cycle of composting in the Kambha (or any other Daily Dump product).
  • Have a sense of humour!
  • Achieve the minimum monthly sales target to remain on board
  • Be able to deliver in circumference of 5 kilometers.
  • Pay for every order - there is no credit policy.
  • Follow processes and send in reports to headquarters bimonthly.
  • Prominently display the Daily Dump brand, logo in all photos, collaterals, displays created by outlets. All material and content from our site and communication material needs explicit permission before reproducing or using.
  • Promise to spend time for training and meetings as scheduled periodically.
  • Agree to visits by our team and quality audits.
  • Need to know that the full range of Daily Dump products are not available for sale - some are web-exclusives.
  • Agree to collaborate with other partners in your region.
  • Become part of a brand that creates value & drives change

We've made composting easy peasy. Spread the magic!

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