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Swish Wash Safe Laundry Powder for Machine & Hand Wash

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Quantity500 grams 

Botanical Oil Soap, Washing Soda, Baking Soda, 

Borax, Rock Salt, Essential Oil of Lime & Orange.

UsageMachine wash and hand wash of laundry
Ideal forreplacing harmful chemical detergents

Swish Wash is a non-detergent, safe washing powder made from botanical oil soap base. Low foaming & fragrance free, it requires less water to rinse off. Superbly concentrated - lasts for 25+ regular washing machine loads. Free from cruelty to animals. 

Helps protect your health and keeps the environment safe and pollution free.

Directions for use

For Machine : Use 3 heaped teaspoons of powder for a 5Kg load of clothes. Run washing machine as usual. For extra dirty clothes, add 4 teaspoons of powder per load. For fragrance, add 10 drops of your preferred essential oil to the additives tray, or in the final rinse.

For Hand wash : Put 3 heaped teaspoons of powder into half a bucket of soiled clothes and water and soak and wash your clothes as usual.
Before washing tough stains, spot treat with BAR BAR - Natural Dish & Laundry Bar Soap. 

Made by the wonderful folks at Common Oxen. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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  • Description

    • Non-detergent and safe - made from botanical oil soap base.
    • Well concentrated - lasts for 25+ regular washing machine loads.
    • Ensures clothes free of toxic chemicals.
    • Requires less water to rinse off.
    • Protects our ground water, lakes and rivers.
  • Care

    • Store in airtight container with lid.
    • You can add a few drops of preferred essential oil to rinse cycle for fragrance.
  • Warranty

    • All our products are quality checked. 
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