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Over 65,000 families are our customers

Reached over 10,000 people through our workshops, talks, films and website

How can you and me contribute to cleaning up our cities? Each one of us wants to do our bit to make things better. Often, we just don't know how or where to start. We help our customers reimagine their relationship with resources, with each other, and with the earth .Our initial research revealed that people wanted to do something to be part of the solution and were frustrated at not being able to do something tangible. Our products allow them to create nutrient rich compost without having to fill in forms, or pay a bribe and make them proud of their individual action.

The Daily Dump Composters are a simple direct innovation to help all of us do just this. In India our unplanned urban explosion brings with it problems of many kinds, volumes of waste to be managed is just one of them. Unseen in our ordinary lives is the world of municipal bureaucracy, waste contracts, corruption, inefficient systems of operation and lack of political will. Any technological or large innovation often fails in the context of the politics surrounding waste.

At Daily Dump we were very aware that if we wanted to enable ordinary people, we would need a solution that circumvents this "city waste system".

Our products and services are designed to empower our customers move from apathy to take action, make a difference, create cleaner healthier cities, feel happy and enjoy the experience. Our customers love us for our innovation, the lifetime support we provide and the chance to see the world afresh!

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