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When is compost ready for use?

Decomposition typically takes 1.5 months in Daily Dump composters. We recommend a further 1 month for full maturation. Compost should contain no recognisable food & should have an earthy smell. But, if you are trying to get compost into your garden quickly, it's best to mature it for another 2 months and test it before use. If it is a year old and has been kept moist for sometime - it is definitely ready!


Check germination


A simple smell test


Effects of pre-mature compost

  • For gardening tips, see our 'grow' section

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Fun ways to use compost!

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When do we buy back compost?

  • If you accept the rates that Daily Dump quotes after examining your compost (maximum = Rs 5 per kg)
  • If you made the compost in a Daily Dump product (and have photographic proof!)
  • If you have more than 10 kgs of compost and are willing to drop it off at our headquarters in Bengaluru and pick up the money.
  • If you have over 100 kgs and are willing to pay us for the transportation to have it picked up from your premises.