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Ouch & Moo Books



  • 9.5 " L x 7 " W
  • A Set of Two Books

These books on Plastic Bags bring to focus the menace of this everyday material. While all plastic is not bad, we have reached a stage where it threatens to eat into our guts – like in the case of the poor cows in these books. Materials have a life, and we must help our children become aware of their advantages and disadvantages from a very young age. This will enable them to make informed choices as they grow and begin to make decisions.

These books help children understand the concept of manmade objects and natural things. It also includes some concrete steps that a child can take in her daily routine to build the habit of reducing, reusing and recycling. Both the “Red Ouch and Moo” book and its companion, the “Yellow Ouch and Moo” book address the plastic bag issue at different levels of complexity.

It is like reading two versions of a Birbal story at the same time. We believe that this fosters a sense of perspective and inquiry, so necessary to understand the “complete” story. Both the books are illustrated in different styles, again a way to encourage different ways of seeing!

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