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OWC Aaga 550



    • Dimensions = 42 inches dia x 38" height
    • 18 - 20 Families = 2 Aagas + Accessories
    • 18 kg waste/day = 2 Aagas + Accessories
    • Additional use = Storing of done Compost 
    • Ideal for apartments, flats, institutions

This aerobic 'hot pile' de-centralised composter makes composting simple, labour saving and hassle free for communities, offices and institutions. We provide a intensive hands on training for community members and housekeeping staff to ensure buy-in and smooth functioning. You can install it on terraces, open spaces and near the entrance. It is a product that your housekeeping staff are happy to use, your kids are keen to interact with and your neighbours will envy. It's beautiful too so why not make a statement and inspire others.

Aaga's come in pairs - one pair is needed for every 18-20 homes or 18 kgs of wet waste per day.

This is a design copyright product, approved by Pollution Control Board. Designed and Built in India for India

The price below is for only one Aaga @ Bengaluru. Accessories and Services will be extra.

Our Price :

₹ 38,500.00
Delivery Details
  • This product is also available at a Daily Dump outlet in select cities.
  • For Delivery in other cities, please reach out to us and we will let you know the cost of transportation to your location.
  • Composting is a slow process, all our deliveries take at least 10 working days :)
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