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Fly Protector

AC0850 / AC0851


  • Small = 13” Diameter with 2 inch flap
  • Large = 14” Diameter with 2 inch flap

The smaller size will fit all the small Terracotta and Gobble composters and the large one is ideal for the larger Terracotta composters and the Gobble series.

Hand tailored of printed cotton fabric with a drawstring. These fly protector allows air in while keeping fruit flies and other bugs out. They can we washed and reused. They add a colourful touch to your composting. When not in use you can conveniently hang it up on a hook near your composter. Comes in two sizes. 

Picture is for Illustration purpose only. There may be pattern, colour variations from the photograph depending on the tailor making them.

Our Price :

₹ 120.00
Delivery Details
  • Minimum online order Rs. 200
  • Composting is a slow process, all our deliveries take at least 10 working days :)
  • This is an online exclusive product
  • Not available at Daily Dump Partners
  • No cash on delivery
  • Delivery charges based on location
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