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Metal Leaf Composter 22" Dia



  • Dimension = 22" dia x 54 " ht
  • Construction = Mild Steel frame with steel square mesh

Leaf composters are a great place to begin composting, if you haven't already, because they don't need much maintenence. Just add all your leaves and garden litter into the composter and water it daily. If you add accelerator daily, you will get your first harvest in 4-6 months. (Diluted cowdung, microbes, EM are all great accelerators). The design of the product allows for easy harvesting.

A large landscape with many types of trees will need many of these to ensure that no garden clippings and leaves leave the site. Yes you can add branches and palms, make sure you cut them down to size. Gardeners value leaf compost highly for use in lawns, so please do compost your dried leaves, do not burn them and do not cart them to landfill.

Make sure you install it on concrete blocks since the filled leaf composter can get very heavy and sink into soft ground. You need water to drain off into the earth and not collect underneath.

Colour may differ from the photograph.

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₹ 5,500.00
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        • Minimum online order Rs. 200
        • Composting is a slow process, all our deliveries take at least 10 working days :)
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