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  • 9.5 " L x 7 " W
  • A Set of Two Books

When a battery oozes, what can it do? Is there a difference between a glass jar breaking and a bulb breaking? These books on batteries bring to focus the hidden side of our everyday chemical and electronic products. While all these products provide us with great services and entertainment, most of us are unaware that they can also have toxic effects.

Often there is no safe way to dispose these in our homes, so they end up in mixed trash and then cause harm to the soil, water and air that we all use. Chemistry is all around us and when children become more aware and curious about different materials, their properties and their use, they will grow up to make more informed choices and use these materials safely.

Both the Junior Ooze book and its companion, the Senior Ooze book, address the issue of toxicity of e-waste at different levels of complexity. It is like reading two versions of a Birbal story at the same time. We believe that it fosters a sense of perspective and inquiry, so necessary to understand the "complete" story. Both the books are illustrated in different styles, again a way to encourage different ways of seeing

Designed and Published by Daily Dump - please note the answer sheet for one activity is here to download.

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