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Bag in Bag



  • Pouch size = ~ 5” W x 6” height
  • Bag size = 14” W x 15” height

Yes, it is what it sounds like. A bag that fits in a bag and neatly into your purse or pocket for that sudden urge to bring home fresh fruit or odds and ends. A great thing to gift to all your friends. It has a loop that helps you attach it to the side of your bag or backpack.

Each bag comes in a different colour and pattern since it is made from old clothes. Only one size.

Our Price :

₹ 190.00
Delivery Details
  • Minimum online order Rs. 200
  • Composting is a slow process, all our deliveries take at least 10 working days :)
  • Our exclusive online products are delivered directly to you in most states in India. These are not available at your local Daily Dump partner outlets.
  • No cash on delivery.
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