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Saviour Bags

SP0210 / SP0220 / SP0230 / SP0240


  • Small = 6"x9" (no gusset)
  • Medium = 8"x12"x4" (gusset)
  • Large = 9"x14"x6" (gusset)
  • X Large = 10"x20"x9"(gusset)

These elegant neat recycled paper bags are ideal as dustbin liners, trash putouts. They come in 4 different sizes that fit into different kinds of bins and needs. Each size comes in a pack size of 10 bags. They are sturdy and will not tear easily. The largest will fit upto 6 soiled diapers.

When full, seal and staple before disposing. In case of sanitary waste do mark the bag with a red cross.

Our Price :

₹ 30.00
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