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Compost Microbes | effective compost booster

Quantity 200gm / 1 kg
Contentsorganic culture of microorganisms ( as dry powder ) 
Usageonce or twice a week 
Ideal for maintaining optimum rate of decomposition 

Daily Dump Compost Microbes is an effective and safe compost accelerator that makes composting faster. Composting is a natural process that needs good microbial activity to break down organic matter. An organic culture of specific microorganisms, this product acts on lignin (tough material found in organic matter) to prevent lump formation, and reduces stench because it creates air spaces. Conventional composting boosters act only on the cellulose portion of organic waste. Compost Microbes powder also works well for leaf composting in the Daily Dump leaf composters

Directions for use

Use for kitchen waste composting: 

  • Add 1 teaspoon of Compost Microbes every 7 days directly on top of compost pile.
  • Mix well into a moist pile for best results.
  • If your pile is too dry, mix the powder in a few teaspoons water and then add.

Use for leaf composting

  • Wet the pile of dried leaves or grass.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of microbes in 1 litre water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the pile once in 4-7 days.

Try the Keep Composting Kit for uninterrupted hassle-free composting with the 3 essentials of home composting.

Any patches of discolouration in the products is only an indicator of good microbial activity. Compost Microbes is not packed in plain paper packaging as it absorbs moisture. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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Compost Bin Fly Protector | natural deterrent for fruit flies

Dimensions (inches)Small 13"Dia | Large 14"Dia
Contents1 fly protector for compost bin
Materialhand tailored printed cotton fabric with drawstring
Usageas inner lid for home compost bin
Ideal forkeeping away fruit flies

We understand how annoying fruit flies can be. And if your compost pile has a lot of fruit peels their numbers can get too much. So here's the Fly Protector - a simple, safe solution to keep away fruit flies without harming them. The smaller size will fit all small Daily Dump terracotta and Gobble composters and the large one is ideal for the large terracotta composters and the Gobble and Chomp series.

Hand-tailored, printed cotton fabric with a drawstring. These fly protectors allow air in for healthy aerobic composting while keeping fruit flies and other bugs out. They can we washed and reused. They add a colourful touch to your composting. When not in use you can conveniently hang it up on a hook near your composter.

Directions for use

  • Remove the lid from the top unit of compost bin
  • Open and place the fly protector on the top unit (as inner lid)
  • Use drawstring to close.
  • Place the composter lid back on top. 

Patterns and colours may vary from that shown in the photograph. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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Remix Powder 3kg for smell-free, easy home composting

Dimensions (inches)23"L x 15"W x 6"Gusset
Contentscocopeat powder enriched with microbes
Usagedaily to layer kitchen waste in composter
Ideal for ensuring smell-free, stir-free composting

Daily Dump Remix Powder is our magic mix, guaranteed to help you get home composting right in one try! It absorbs extra water, provides air gaps for circulation and keeps away any foul odour. It also hastens the process of decomposition. Made of cocopeat, microbes and mature compost, making Remix Powder is a labour-intensive process. We do it so you can save time! Making this Remix Powder involves breaking up blocks of cocopeat with the addition of water. The resultant moist powder is then fully sun-dried before mixing with microbes and compost in the right proportion. This is then packed for your use. Moist cocopeat is not as effective in aerobic home composting.

Directions for use 

  • Layer wet kitchen waste with 3-4 handfuls of Remix Powder everyday.
  • No waste should be visible, this helps control fruit flies.
  • No need for daily stirring.
  • This 3kg bag of Remix Powder should last you about 3-4 weeks.
  • Add Neem powder and Compost Microbes weekly to maintain healthy, optimum decomposition.
  • Try the Keep Composting Kit for uninterrupted hassle-free composting.

Remix Powder has more volume than weight, which results in disproportionately larger shipping charges by third-party vendors. Rates at Partner premises include the shipping costs and this needs to be factored in while ordering. Please remember we are a small enterprise and shipping is out of our control. For those keen to avoid shipping costs, and who have the time and space to make their own cocopeat powder, you can try Daily Dump CocoBrick
Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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CocoBrick | Cocopeat blocks for easy composting and gardening

Dimensions (inches)8"L x 4.5"W x 2"H 
Contentsnatural cocopeat compressed block
Optionsset of 2 / set of 3 

Get composting right with Daily Dump CocoBrick! Made from all-natural coconut fibres, this brick expands upto 5 litres when completely dry. 

Use the dry cocopeat powder in your composter everyday to absorb excess moisture and keep it smell-free. Great ingredient for gardening when mixed with compost and soil. It provides extra aeration to the plant roots and promotes healthy growth. 

Directions for use 

  • Place CocoBrick in a 16 litre plastic bucket 
  • Add 3 litres of water to completely cover the CocoBrick. Let it soak for 3-4 hours. 
  • Slowly stir to loosen fibres and allow it to expand fully. 
  • Now spread it out to dry in the sun for 6 hours. 
  • Store in an airtight container. 

Use for Composting : Layer kitchen waste daily with 3-4 handfuls of cocopeat powder made from CocoBrick. When using CocoBrick, add 1 tsp of Compost Microbes Powder daily to speed up the process. 

Use for Gardening: Mix cocopeat with soil and compost in equal proportions before using it to grow plants. 

You can read this article on our blog for more on using cocopeat. 

Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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