organic waste

Made circular by design daily

Designed India's first home composter.

Designed 3 Different Composter Ranges.

Designed 20 Accessories.

Designed Communication and Training Material.

Trained as a designer our Founder wanted to apply design skills and design thinking to a problem that affects all of us. To a single person waste or climate change seem like large messy intimidating problems, so the question was how can we use Design to make these accessible?

Our Design intention was to make it easy, aspirational and fun for citizens to engage with the idea of waste! Daily Dump uses Design to enable informed action and participation around resources and waste by creating new products, services, and experiences and communication. We seek to create mindset and behavioural change that is holistic and enduring.

Our product service system is affordable, effective, simple to use and directly reduces the waste at source & reduces waste ending up in landfills. Our customers collectively keep tonnes of waste - both organic and other waste out of landfills. Our communication, products and workshops are all designed to get a simple daily act drive more recycling, help the informal sector, and pollute less - with no cost to the government.

We design to create a large impact through a large number of people doing small individual actions.

What Customers Say

Design moments captured! Design for systems change takes time to manifest. Over the years, different milestones have demonstrated that design can encourage change in behaviour without shaming or guilt or sermonising.