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Beautiful > Ugly, Dirty

Beautiful > Ugly, Dirty

Our axiom is Make Waste Visible, Beautiful & Doable

Waste is perceived as ugly and yucky and grossssss!

Even our expressions snarl into grotesque shapes thinking of the "mess". And yet, we do not stop to think how important it is to change this. Our relationship with waste must become a matter of pride in our lives.

As an analogy, 60 years ago, bathrooms in India were not the spaces you were happy to include in your home. It addressed a functional need that we were not comfortable discussing or exploring. And bathrooms echoed that sentiment in the way they looked and felt. Now homes often spend more on the bathroom than the living room.

Daily Dump does the same to waste. Making it visible, beautiful is a way to solve other problems as well - like apathy, dignity of work, citizen participation, passing on this practice to the next generation, enhancement of value of this sector. Our customers proudly display these in their gardens, balconies and terraces and share their journeys of managing waste.

Once they begin composting they are open to try other sustainable practices as well so this becomes a pathway to creating conscious consumers.