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The Daily Dump Team
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Working at Daily Dump

We know that small steps can have a big impact.
We believe that composting sets you off on a journey
of discovery of the interconnectedness of things.
We are a design led brand that believes everyone wants to make a difference.

Roots, shoots & seeds

The world of work is changing. Organisations are being re-defined. Our space is also experimenting with new ways of engaging with each other and with our vision. Some of us have our roots in the space, we hang on to see the long term growth of this space. There are also the shoots - those who are new, waiting to see if they will grow here or move elsewhere. And then there are the seeds, the result of maturing in our space, young people who learn here and then go out and grow their roots elsewhere.
Click on each image to read more about our lovely team members and their avatars!

  • Poonam Bir Kasturi

    Founder & Compostwali

    Poonam wears many hats, the favorite of which is her 'witch hat'. She often pulls new & interesting things out of it that challenge her team.Poonam is trained as an Industrial Designer, has worked as a Design Educator and is now fondly known as Compostwali. She talks to trees, bacteria, clouds and keeps everyone on their toes. She bows to no one except the black soldier fly maggot.

  • Arjun Dev


    Arjun Dev has held senior leadership roles in the IT industry in delivery, operations and domain consulting. He is currently working with ThoughtWorks. With a BE (NIT Surathkal) and MBA from IIM Bangalore, he brings in strong capabilities in strategy, setting up scalable operations, customer relationships and leadership grooming. He's a co-founder of epapertoday.com. Arjun loves trekking, bird watching, connecting with people, great food and road trips!

  • Asim Pasha

    Sales Team

    Asim loves talking to customers, helping them enjoy composting. When they share their joy, he is reminded of how their actions are the many drops in the ocean. And he is happy that everyday, he is a part of this ocean. Asim makes sure his colleagues keep learning new stuff too!

  • Dambar Bahadur

    All rounder

    The all-rounder of the team, Dambar, or Bahadur Bhaiyya as he is fondly called, is always ready to help out in anything happening at Daily Dump. Packing customer orders, delivering composters, or even talking to customers, he steps up and happily pitches in!

  • Beulah T

    Accounts Assistant

    Beulah is an old hand at Daily Dump. She has seen the company go through many avatars and she is a loyal Daily Dumper. Her honesty and ability to manage cash makes her indispensable and valued. Her smiles and the fact that she knows the company for so long make her a customer contact person as well.

  • Bhimraya

    Service Assistant

    Bhimraya is part of the Packing and Delivery team. He is efficient and hardworking. He is quick witted and always greets people with a big, warm smile.

  • Kiran Acharya

    Store Manager

    'Acharya' as we call him, can always be seen running up and down the office between the different store rooms, trying to check stock or dispatch orders on time. His timid nature hasn't stopped him from getting along at the office with utmost ease.

  • Niharika Thakar


    Niharika is trained as a product designer, but loves how she can learn from many other roles at Daily Dump. Her work not only covers sketching, shooting videos & pictures, getting her hands dirty in glue or compost, but also poring over spreadsheets. And on some days, listening to customers!

  • Rasia Mansoor

    Business Development

    A trained environmental engineer, Rasia was greatly pained by overflowing landfills. Her search for sustainable alternatives led her to composting and Daily Dump. She feels we all can be Earth heroes by just being conscious about what we consume and the industries our money supports. In her free time, you will find Rasia cuddling her dog Pixie, taking long walks or begging her house plants to stay alive.

  • Ravi Kerkere

    Services Lead

    Ravi has rich experience in industry. His enthusiastic and diligent efforts to harvest and service community solutions make him a much liked persona among our customers. His positive attitude keeps the services team energised.

  • Savitha GV

    Head, Customer Service

    Savi came to Daily Dump as a volunteer in 2006 and has since worked in so many roles and each one of them fits her like a glove. She currently is our customer relationship co-coordinator. Her past experience and the fact that she's also a customer of Daily Dump make her capable of fielding all kinds of customer queries. Savi is a natural with plants. She thinks she works on a flexi time format, but without her knowing we take over her full time!

  • Shekar

    Composting Farmer

    Shekar found his way to Daily Dump, looking for work. He confesses to initially having serious misgivings about working with 'waste'. But after the first month, he decided to stick it out and make it work. Today, as a happy member of the services team, Shekar feels happy when he harvests compost for Daily Dump's community customers. His years of experience of working in the field in his village ensures that he doesn't shy away from hard work.

  • Sujatha

    Best Tea Maker

    Sujathamma used to work at a sheet metal unit in her previous avatar. At Daily Dump, she is a part of much of the behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that customer orders are packed and ready for delivery. In her own quiet way, she also keeps track and ensures the team's varied chai needs... What she truly enjoys is packing compost!

  • Thirusenthil RS

    Operations Assistant

    No matter where you are in the country, Senthil will make sure you get your composter right on time! His interest and ability to jump into all tasks make him a treasure to be nurtured.

  • Pooja More


    Pooja joined our Marketing team after trying her hands on TV and radio production. She deploys her love for Instagram for marketing our brand on it! She loves being on camera and in her free time, you will find her making reels or making sumptous teas.

  • Meghana

    Retail Shop

    Meghana is in charge of Daily Dump’s Retail Store cum Experience Centre. She attends to all the customers with a smile on her face and is also in charge of housekeeping in the office. She actively helps in any other task as well, especially at stalls and events.

  • Shelu Gurung

    Sales Team

    Shelu is a part of the Sales Team at Daily Dump. She helps large communities and organisation start composting their wet waste. In her free time, she likes to learn new recipes and try them out!

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Current Openings

  • Sales Assistant

    Apply by: Nov 30, 2021

    Salary Range: Rs 25,000 - 35,000 per month

    Job Overview:You have a previous experience in sales of products of at least a year and have demonstrated a good customer satisfaction score and ability to reach set targets

  • Social Media Assistant

    Apply by: Nov 30, 2021

    Salary Range: Rs 20,000 - 35,000 per month

    Job Overview:You are creative and can tell a simple yet effective story in visuals and words. You know how to make creatives and also understand how to manage social media calendars and metrics.

  • Retail Lead

    Apply by: Nov 30, 2021

    Salary Range: Rs 20,000 - 30,000 per month

    Job Overview:You have previous experience in managing a store and are hands on with stock, crm, customer feedback and customer engagement. Having a keen understanding go store display and strategies to increase footfall

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We are growing and are on the lookout for talented & competent people who believe in what we do. So, if you can handle the pressure’s of a small business, are willing to get hands, can learn quickly on the go and hit the ground running, do get in touch.

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