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Terracotta Khamba Home Composting Starter Kit


1 terracotta compost bin 3 tiered

+ Remix Powder + Rake + Compost Microbes + Neem Powder + Instruction sheet

How it worksSee the video here
Capacityvaries, depending on option
Usageoutdoor, aerobic composting - balcony, terrace, garden, 
Ideal for homes to begin easy, smell-free composting right away!

The Daily Dump Starter Kits are especially designed to save you time on decision making so you can get down to action straight away! The 3 Tiered Khamba is the icon for home composting in India - designed by Daily Dump and used by several thousand homes. 

Comes bundled with all the accessories needed and clear instructions on how to use. Feel proud to participate in cleaning up India from your home! 


Get the Khamba 3 Tier Small Kit if you are a family of 2-3. It takes upto 500 gm of waste everyday.

Get the Khamba 3 Tier Large Kit if you are a family of 4-5. It takes upto 1 kgof waste everyday.

Get the Khamba 4 Tier Large Kit if you are a family of 4-5 and have elderly people in the house. It handles the same amount of waste as the 3 Tier Large Khamba, but is lighter to lift and shift.


Directions for use 

  • Before starting, spread a sheet of newspaper and some Remix Powder on base of top unit 
  • Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting. 
  • Stir well once a week. 
  • Compost is ready to harvest in 45 days. 
  • Watch our video and read included handbook for more details

Our terracotta products are handmade by craftspeople and will vary slightly in size & form from the photograph. This product is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike license. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

Our terracotta products cannot be shipped outside Bengaluru. They are also available at Daily Dump outlets in select cities. 

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