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The corridor is the highway to the landfill!

Have we got our plumbing ready to handle the waste that is going to double in our cities in the next 7 years? Are we prepared? We believe Builders as a key leverage point to help make resources circular in Indian cities and they must understand how they can be part of this story!

Why should I compost in my flat ? My community has a composter!

You should compost in your own flat as well as have a community composter. Both are important and this blog outlines why!

From Singapore with love.

Chutes seem so futuristic, a symbol of a developed high tech city. Yet they are just a band aid approach to our resources management. Let's look this the chute afresh!

Sustainable Menstruation Matters: Asan shares why | The Daily Dump Blog

For years, the way we manage our period has involved using plastic sanitary pads - which are terrible for the environment and our health. Read on to know how single-use period products are harmful, what are the benefits of switching to a sustainable menstruation product, and how to pick your sustainable menstruation product. 

Is this better or that better?

I read a recent article on introducing a vending machine to dispense cloth bags to combat the single use plastic bag menace. When we meet such ideas that on the face of it seem like a bold or technologically enabled promise to solve an issue, it’s easy to accept the idea as reasonably relevant. It’s much harder to ask – is this good enough?


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The corridor is the highway to the landfill!

Why should I compost in my flat ? My community has a composter!

From Singapore with love.