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Carbon Savings

Carbon Savings

22379+ tonnes CO2e saved since 2006 by not sending kitchen waste to landfill

216 tons of carbon sequestered in soil by applying compost

When people start composting in their home/community, they re-engage with the cycle of Nature. Very often, if they are not already gardening, they start doing so and the compost feeds their soil. We have seen this happen over the years with our customers.

Composting and applying the compost to soil, contributes in a positive way to restoring soil quality and sequestering carbon in soils. Application of compost ( organic matter) can lead either to a build-up of soil organic carbon over time, or a reduction in the rate at which organic matter is depleted from soils. In either case, the overall quantity of organic matter in soils becomes higher than if no organic fertiliser was used.

Over time, increasing organic matter in soils also has other greenhouse gas-saving effects, such as better water retention of soil, less production and use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and reduced release of nitrous oxide - a potent greenhouse gas.

In addition to individual home gardeners and customers using the compost in their urban gardens, we also work with individual farm owners and farmer groups to apply compost and regenerate their soil.