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Over 20 Potter Clusters Trained

Daily Dump’s work over the years has also had a positive impact on the livelihoods of the traditional potter community, who make our signature terracotta composters.

India had a very rich tradition of pottery and potters were respected craftspeople who contributed to the social, cultural and economic fabric of society. Now, potters children do not want to continue learning and practicing this craft.

Our products support and raise the value of this sector. Potters make more money in the clusters we work with than they did before they made our Composters - the Khamba, etc. Their value among their peers in their village has also risen because of coverage of their work in the press. We continue to engage and understand their aspirations, their notions of wellbeing and their work to learn and build solutions that can help. In one region because of our work, the state government invested in land and a common soil processing plant for the potter community and the second generation has decided to grow their enterprises instead of seeking jobs in the cities.

We have trained 20 potter clusters all over India and one in the UK and one in Chile in the making of our composter designs. Some of them are able to directly sell our designs through other channels in the market without our help.