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Nutrition Flows

Nutrition Flows

431+ tonnes of compost put back in soil since 2012

Indian cities produce huge amounts of waste daily. Out of this at least 60% is organic waste. Research has shown that residences contribute 80% of this organic component.

Each family of 4 using our composter produces at least 100 kgs of nutrients for soil, every year. Each community of 25 homes produces at least 3000 kgs of nutrients for soil, every year.

In addition if dry waste is kept separate from vegetable peels then recycling of other materials (technical nutrients) also become feasible. So homes become the agents of change and producers of nutrients instead of producers of poison.

We help complete the circular nutrition flow by feeding the mature compost back to soil - in and around the city and in peri urban farms for growing healthy food. Since this compost is made by citizens, we call it Citizen Compost!

Recent studies show how important compost is in the work of carbon sequestration - the locking of soil organic carbon, and keeping it away from the atmosphere; thereby reducing the effect of greenhouse gases.

In doing so, our work supports a circular economy where the living system of soil is regenerated and soil is used to mitigate climate change, by design.