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Community composters

2 Methods of Community Composting



Managing smaller quantities of wet waste in multiple locations


Managing all generated wet waste together, in one location

Our Decentralized Community Composters

1. Type of Product Typically Hot Pile Composting/Drum Typically a pulverisor/biogas/pit
2. Context Works best in residential spaces Works best in corporates/institutions
3. Installation System is modular, so can be installed in phases after trial Needs upfront capital investment for the whole cost of equipment
4. Electricity Does not need power to operate Needs power to operate, shred and pulverise
5. Managing Responsiblity of managing this rests with community champions Responsbility of managing this rests with facilities
6. Collection Collection is done door to door, block by block Collection is done from pantry/canteen
7. Haulage No haulage to a central point which requires time & effort Haulage is not an issue, because of facilities
8. Maintenance Protocol & system designed to collect for wet, dry, reject & sanitary waste has to be fool-proof for efforts to sustain over time Collection protocol is easy to monitor and implement if there is a corporate directive.
9. Troubleshooting If something goes wrong, it affects only that block & not the whole community. Problem is contained, until it can be resolved If something goes wrong the whole volume of waste lies together in one place. This is more difficult to deal with and resolve.
10. Civil Work Usually does not require civil work for installation Usually requires a shed/roof/perimeter built
11. Perception Encourages residents to be inspired, proud and enables understanding and participation composting Usually out of sight and not accessible to employees - so there is no pride or knowledge that is transferred
12. Interaction Children learn that waste is a resource, they can interact with the system Children, even in schools often view this in a passive way, since the equipment is not designed to get kids to interact
13. Manpower Does not require full time manpower, available staff and residents can manage easily Usually needs a full time person to manage the system as margin for error is less

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Which is the right composter for me?

The Aaga Photo Gallery

Happy customers and many kilos of organic waste kept out of landfill and converted to rich compost.

Scared of bad smell?

Composting is now smell free & stir free!

Layering waste with our Remix powder everyday makes this possible.


Handmade by skilled craftspeople!


Traditional Skills meet Urban Needs

Your composting supports these amazing people and encourages this skill to develop in new directions.







Now you know!

More than half your waste you can keep out of landfill DAILY! How cool is that?


Marasami G

Dear All,

I am using the Kambha for last year to compost the wet waste. I am very much happy, I could able to compost all wet waste without sending to bbmp/landfill. I am giving the compost to my neighbours who are required for their gardening

Thank you, regards

1st june 2015

Don't have time?

Who does these days? The Daily Dump way of composting does not take extra time. You have no need to stir the pile daily or remove leechate - just put waste in daily, cover with our magical Remix Powder and close lid.

It's that easy only 2.5 minutes!


A Busy Customer says...

Hi Daily Dump, Thanks for writing in. I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that I have been very successful in converting kitchen waste into compost. Attached is the evidence or your reference.

Sandeep Alur

26th jan 2015

An Artist's impression

Amruta Patil draws her composting experience


The magic of done compost!


Worried about insects?

Composting in Daily Dump products is harmless & hygenic. Over the years, we have found simple ways of managing insects so that they will not trouble you. But who knows, maybe you will even make a few new friends.



These can be a real nuisance but they are not a health hazard. We have three tried methods of controlling them:

  • Cover fresh waste with enough Remix Powder and a sheet of paper. The paper is an effective way of keeping fruit flies in check. Basically, there should be no waste visible for the flies to sit on.
  • Use a liberal dose of Lemon grass spray on the composter and pile. You can make this using lemon grass essential oil, diluted in water. Also you can burn a “diya” with lemon grass essential oil near the Kambha.
  • Use the electric mosquito bat to swat the flies every 2 days.

Here are some DIY methods ...

  • Make a fruit fly trap and place it near the Kambha (Download instructions)
  • Put 1/4 cup white vinegar and a squirt of liquid dishwashing soap in a cup and add water until the bubbles reach the top of the cup. Leave it on the counter and the fruit flies are attracted to it and
  • Take 1/2 litre milk + 450 gms jaggery + 50 gms ground pepper and combine in a saucepan & simmer for 8-10 minutes. Pour the mixture into shallow dishes. Flies will attack it greedily and soon suffocate. This recipe has been handed down in New England since 1850.

What does Remix powder do?

1. Absorbs moisture

Remix powder uses the absorption strength of cocopeat to soak up the liquid released during composting (leachate). That means no more gooey, sticky or smelly piles.

2. Makes composting stir & smell free

The powder is light and airy, creating plenty of gaps in the compost pile. This, along with the holes in the outer surface of Daily Dump composters, keep oxygen flowing - eliminating the need to stir and stopping stinky odours from forming.

3. Great source of carbon

Remix Powder has the right type of carbon for composting. It has ideal particulate size and surface area and so does not lead to air blocked masses forming. Its high lignin content adds to the nutrient value of the done compost and boosts root health.

4. Creates friable compost

Compost produced using Remix Powder reduces the amount of cocopeat you need to add in your final potting mixture. In fact, you can directly plant some species of seeds into your compost.

5. Helps you get it right the first time

The correct moisture content and enough oxygen are keys to no smell composting. Start with Remix powder and we can guarantee that you will soon be on your way to becoming a composting ustaad!

6. Speeds up composting

Remix powder contains a culture of cellulolytic and lignolytic microbes mixed with magnesium silicate. This is a natural and safe accelerator that speeds up composting.

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