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4 Waste Stories |The Daily Dump Blog

4 Waste Stories |The Daily Dump Blog

 Not all our colleagues at Daily Dump have a composter, but working here they have shifted their ideas around waste. We asked them to write a few words on their relationship with waste now.


How to compost when there's no space 

 Is it morning already? Got to get ready and rush to work. It's 8 AM and I haven't heard the trash truck whistle blowing. What do I do with the waste in the dustbin? It's going to smell by evening. Can't bear to see the fruit flies swarming over it. Puts me off when I'm back home. I've separated the wet and the dry waste but how will it be disposed ?  
The lovely spinach and methi stems can become rich compost :( But I have no space for a composter. Wish there was a solution for folks like me.

Being eco conscious at home
Throwing out waste daily. At home, I was the most environmentally conscious one. I would diligently separate the wet waste from the other plastic and paper waste. I would make sure it reached the right bucket. I had seen the waste pickers mix the waste before, but in later years they stopped. Even the gaadi that came for pickups, kept the waste separately. I was determined to keep this going, no matter where I went. 

Every PG/hostel I stayed at, I tried to keep up the habit. Some places had two bins, some didn't. Wherever possible, I continued my practice. 

But mostly, I have no say in how the place is run. I can't get in another bin. I can't push the practice onto my flatmates. And that's why, no matter how strongly I feel about the issue, the simple solution we can start at home, is often the most difficult for me to implement.

Wanting to do something about waste

The garbage truck comes to my  home every morning playing a loud song. Wakes me up and I have no choice but to get up and go to see this waste filled vehicle every morning. The truck stays only for few minutes, If I am late even by two minutes it is gone. After that my entire home will have the “beautiful” smell of organic waste. I have to get up from bed on a cold freezing morning with no choice  and meet the truck and also pay the person sometimes to avoid this bad smell.
Now I have got the solution for this .
I bought a composter from daily dump the company I recently joined.
Hurray! No need to get up early in the morning, will add the waste to the composter at night
And leave the dry stuff to be collected at the door! Job done, here’s to a peaceful sleep .

And we had one more colleague - Vasanth Anand - tell us his story

I want to segregate the waste at home every day but I'm too lazy to do it, but I always mess up doing it. I'm conscious  to segregate the wet waste and the dry waste and the hazardous waste but I'm really not practicing it.

In recent days, I have made up my mind to drop the particular waste in respective buckets. The practice I followed was I purchased 3 plastic dustbins of different colour - red colour bucket for wet waste, blue colour bucket for dry waste and yellow bucket for hazardous waste.

Apart from this, I'm saving the plastic bottles and glass bottles to reuse them for decoration and gardening stuff.

Working at a company whose mission is to reimagine our relationship with waste, we encourage all our folks to begin at home and are glad that there are so many in our team who go the extra mile.


Daily Dump is brand of waste management products and services that help you do your bit to reduce the mess. We proudly make in India, for India.

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