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Elevate your Eco-lifestyle with the Mota Lota Compost Bin from Daily Dump

Elevate your Eco-lifestyle with the Mota Lota Compost Bin from Daily Dump

Ever felt the desire to contribute more to the environment but unsure where to begin? If you're here reading this blog, hopefully, you're already composting with us, which is a fantastic first step. If you are looking to take your eco-lifestyle to the next level, the mota lota compost bin is here to help you. In this blog we will introduce you to Daily Dump’s star product “The Mota Lota Compost Bin” - a unique and eco-friendly solution for everyday kitchen scraps. 

What is Mota Lota?













 The Mota Lota (Fat-Pot), a large compost bin introduced by Daily Dump, is handcrafted from terracotta and designed to simplify composting while adding style. This unique pot-shaped bin comes with stackable units and a cap, offering traditional design with efficiency. Available in two sizes for different family needs, these units snugly fit on top of one another and are lighter to lift compared to other large stack composters.

Advantages of Using Mota Lota Compost Bin

  • Ideal for apartments and compact spaces, fitting seamlessly into minimal areas.
  • Its award-winning design guarantees optimal airflow and moisture control, eliminating any unpleasant odors.
  • Supporting local artisans, each bin is meticulously handcrafted from eco-friendly terracotta.
  • The mota lota boasts sufficient capacity, catering to households of all sizes and diverting up to 350 kg of kitchen waste from landfills annually.
  • With its traditional pot design, the mota lota adds a touch of aesthetic charm to any outdoor space.
  • Setting up and maintaining this compost bin is effortless, thanks to its user-friendly design, lighter weight, and detailed instructions.
  • Composting with mota lota actively contributes to a greener planet and reduces your carbon footprints.  

Instructions and Safety Guidelines for Using the Mota Lota Compost Bin


Instructions for Use

Safety Guidelines

• To begin, lay a sheet of newspaper and sprinkle a handful of Remix Powder on the base of the top unit.

• Handle terracotta carefully, away from pets or accidents.

• Layer kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily to prevent odors.

• Use a fly protector or cloth to keep fruit flies away.

• Once a week, give the compost a good stir.

• No need to clean inside when restarting.

• Fill one unit at a time with compost material.

• Wipe with wet cloth if dusty.

• Refer to the video and handbook for details.

• Use outdoors but away from rain.


Starting an eco-friendly lifestyle begins with small but important decisions. The Mota Lota Compost Bin from Daily Dump offers a stylish way to turn kitchen scraps into useful compost. It's easy to use, made from eco-friendly materials, and works well. Using the Mota Lota isn't just about composting - it shows you care about the environment. By using it, you help reduce waste, take care of the Earth, and support local artisans. Together, let's make the world greener, one compost bin at a time.


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Elevate your Eco-lifestyle with the Mota Lota Compost Bin from Daily Dump

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