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Our Beloved Home Compost Pots | Rozita Singh shares

Our Beloved Home Compost Pots | Rozita Singh shares

Dear Poonam ma’am,
Last Monday morning, Lisa Bjerke gave me a pleasant visit 😊
She is a 2013 graduate of College of the Atlantic (http://www.coa.edu) in Maine, US; and has been awarded a Watson Fellowship for a year (August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2014). With the support of the Watson Foundation she will be visiting Germany, India, Bangladesh, and China to explore composting in different cultural and environmental contexts.
After finishing three months in Germany, she arrived in India recently. In Germany she interned with the compost quality laboratory Plancotec Laboratory (http://www.plancotec.de/), visited 15 compost plants in the Hessen area, worked with the compost and communication consultant firm Humus und Erde Kontor (http://www.humus-erden-kontor.de), and volunteered on recycling and compost projects with the local Transition Town Movement.She spent three weeks in New Delhi, working with Chintan, a non-profit organization focusing on inclusive, sustainable, equitable growth for all (http://www.chintan-india.org). She learnt about the work of the informal sector in New Delhi’s waste management efforts, and helped Chintan in conducting interviews for a project on New Delhi’s solid waste management policy.
She visited me to understand my passion for composting and also interviewed me as a stakeholder for Delhi’s upcoming waste management policy.

How could I have not shown her our beloved compost pots? I gave her a small demo on the procedure and obviously she was very impressed with the working of the system.

Khamba compost bin in Rozita Singh's outdoor garden

Am sending you our happy picture with the pots 😊

Warm Regards,
23 Sep 2013


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