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Black Gold – what is that?

Black Gold – what is that?

How can we talk about the charm of petrichor* in a way that excites the digital nomad and the global urban consumer? A concrete driveway does not smell wonderful in the rain but a patch of soil does - one of the reasons is the compost in the soil! Rain on living soil has a signature smell - and we all love it!

In my mind’s eye I can see an artist create an installation that is provocative – that calls attention to the wonder and magic that is compost. But installations are often only accessible to an aware and cerebral audience, while we urgently need everyone to grasp the value of this simple ordinary looking powder! 

Let’s take a mundane example to help illustrate the necessity of compost in our lives. 

Your family owns a car, and all four members use it at different times. One morning you start the car only to find there is not enough petrol to make it to an important meeting on time.  The last person who used the car forgot to top up the tank.

This is what happens in our natural world. We farm and grow food – the nutrients in the soil are used by these plants and unless we top them up again, we cannot grow healthy fresh plants. Compost made from your kitchen waste is what is used to top up soil! It has the right combination of micro and macro nutrients and is the most economical soil amendment there is. (If you make this at home). When we send kitchen waste to landfills, we create poison instead of nutrition because kitchen waste gets mixed with plastic and other toxic substances. 

While gold has a connotation of investment saved for a rainy day – compost is our investment for many rainy days! 

Whenever we put compost in soil, it’s like putting money in the bank. As a healthy bank balance makes us secure, healthy soil makes our food and health secure.

As city dwellers, we suck up all the nutrition that comes to us from outside the city, so it's important for us to make nutrition in our homes and not throw out poison. Throwing out compost is so much better than throwing out waste. It will nourish the soil where ever it falls!

Black Gold made by many homes

Compost has now been proven to have many benefits that affect the entire eco-system.

The challenge is how do we refresh our value for this material, the process of making it and bring it into our daily lives?

Today is a good time to start thinking of Black Gold so
and make some yourself at home! 


April 2022 – 
Poonam Bir Kasturi

*Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Ancient Greek πέτρα 'rock', or πέτρος 'stone', and ἰχώρ, the ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods in Greek mythology. wikipedia


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