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Celebrating climate action!

Celebrating climate action!

It's easy to get lost in the doom and gloom of climate change. But it is also important to notice the good news, the initiatives and the action happening on the ground to save our environment. We need to celebrate these, and draw inspiration from them. This will fuel us to do our bit and take that extra step for the planet.

Here are a few resources which throw a positive light on the environment and climate action:

Positive News
Instagram - @positivenewsuk

A website which is all for positive and empowering news about the environment. From knowing the ways to avoid deforestation to refill shops gaining popularity, the array of news is wide and all flowing towards an optimistic direction!

Positive News


The Daily Climate
Instagram - @ehsciences

The Daily Climate, as the name projects, gives an update about what's been happening to the climate around the world. Be it Colorado becoming the first state to ban PFAS in oil and gas extraction or how Africa must forgo gas exploration to avoid climate change, every part of the world gets featured in the Daily News for good reasons.

The Daily Climate


Good Good Good
Instagram - @goodgoodgoodco

Not just climate action, but Good Good Good covers all positive news from across the world. Whether it's mental health or people doing good work, it is a one stop destination for all your environmental news. It’s also got suggestions on how you can help the planet and your community!



The Better India
Instagram - @thebetterindia

The Better India is a blog covering many topics, in a holistic manner and portraying positive changes, out of which, climate changes being one of the most important ones. Articles on how a group of people made their village flood free after seventy years or how a twenty eight year old turned thirty thousand kg cloth waste into usable products, you are in for a treat with The Better India. It will light up your passion towards saving the earth in its exclusive story telling style.

The Better India


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