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Easy Steps to Choose your Home Composter

Easy Steps to Choose your Home Composter

As we all approach a brand New Year, Daily Dump makes it really easy for you to find a composter that best suits your home. 

Why choosing a Home Composter is exciting!

👍🏼It opens up new conversations among family members. 👪

👍🏼It builds awareness about the different kinds of waste generated at home. ♻️

👍🏼It introduces you to a whole new universe out there 🐜 🕷🐛

👍🏼It helps you reconnect with Nature, everyday - right from your home! 🏡   

Gobble Junior home composter from Daily Dump

To kickstart this month's #HowIstartedComposting campaign, Divya Sujan - a Composting Champion and conscious parent - shares why and how she started composting at home. What we found most inspiring is how she has chosen to introduce this wonderful process of Nature with her 2 year old toddler! So if you ever needed any convincing that composting at home is absolutely safe and healthy, this is it! 

There's nothing about convincing others ,it's just about convincing my inner self... I just put things in action and let others watch! ~ Divya Sujan  


1. I am an eco freak but was in dilemma from where to start. Right then I came across Daily Dump. See that's how cosmos pushes you to the next step lol 😅
2. I was concerned that what if my 2yr old toddler knocks it down..it would be a mess..blah blah. But i started making her compost everyday, so basically she's seeing the entire process herself and understood that the way they don't push or play with dustbins same is the case with these dabbas 😋
3. There's nothing about convincing others,it's just about convincing my inner self. I just put things in action and let others watch!😉
4. I put my Composter in my balcony along with my other plants because it also needs some good air to breathe (also it never smells bad that way)🖤
5. It's easy you see! Just as u dump ur kitchen waste in dustbins u do it into Composter bins. That's it! And come back after 2months to collect your black gold ✨

6. The interesting part is you don't have to invest on its maintainance. Once u run out of remix powder you can just use pieces of cardboard boxes. Adding more browns is the key 🗝️

7. I live in an apartment and I dont have space for a garden, so I use the compost in my pots and sometimes give it to a farm nearby (who knows the value of this nutrient dense soil). The ultimate satisfaction is not breaking the natural chain of taking from the soil and giving back to it ☺️.

Of course you're passing this legacy to the upcoming generations. Thank you Daily Dump!

5 Easy steps for you to get started
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5️⃣If you are still looking for inspiration, listen to this child and get started today!

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