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How flower compost can change our cities

How flower compost can change our cities

In 2017 when Daily Dump was more than 10 years old and had gained ground as a company that had pioneered the home composting movement in urban India; we extended our understanding and work to small businesses in the neighbourhood.

We found that many of these businesses - like juice centres, eateries, florists, etc - generate organic waste but are not fully aware how easy it is to compost such waste. So we embarked on an experiment to find out how flowers compost and photo documented the stages involved to show florists that it was indeed possible, with little effort.

Daily Dump work with flower waste


 We then began work with a florist near our office.

Over time, we documented our experience, mistakes and our learnings in a manner that could be shared with other groups. We also extended these learnings to other communities through our sessions with children and adult groups. 

The feedback we've received so far has been that initiating such a project with local businesses in their community has helped the groups understand this aspect of their neighbourhood better. It has also helped them gain a more hands-on understanding of issues related to climate change and sustainability. 

This Children's Day, we are most excited to share this resource with all the case studies, references and project guides needed for you to get started. The Flowers Don't Die Workbook and Project Resource is now available as a downloadable file set that you can use with your family, children in the neighbourhood, as a corporate employee engagement tool or even as a community activity with our residents' welfare assocIation.

Let us know how it goes. You can always reach out for any help you may need . 



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