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History of the Daily Dump Leaf Composter

History of the Daily Dump Leaf Composter

A timeline of the leaf composter designs created by Daily Dump since 2005. These designs have been copied, adapted and installed at various locations in India and abroad to save leaves and create rich soil! 

  • May 2005 - Daily Dump - Terracotta Leaf Composter - called Patta Kambha
  • May 2009 - Daily Dump - Bamboo leaf composter
  • April 2010 - Daily Dump - Terracotta Leaf Composter with Fibreglass cover
  • April 2010 - Daily Dump - Metal and Bamboo Leaf Composter (with a door - this one detail changed the whole product - we could harvest compost)
  • May 2010 - Daily Dump - Metal Leaf Composter
Early prototypes of Daily Dump leaf composter
  • February 2011 - Daily Dump - Installation on a street in Palace Orchards - Mr S.Raju
  • March 2011 - Daily Dump - New improved film on Save your Leaves - youtube
  • November 2011 - Daily Dump - Installed in Handiman Office
  • March 2011 - Leaf Composting the Pile DIY method used by Citizen groups and Evangelists - notable at the National Games Village. This was also promoted at all BBMP parks with the signage to ensure leaf composting happened.
  • February 2012 - Daily Dump - Pepal designed by Incubis Design
Daily Dump leaf composter at different locations
  • January 2013 - Propagation of DIY wire mesh leaf composter - Wake Up Clean Up Bangalore Event in Freedom Park
  • April 2014 - Low Cost Leaf Composter - In park
  • August 2014 - Copied version done in Ludhiana
Copied versions of Daily Dump leaf composter designs
  • Jan 2016 - Daily Dump - Our drawings bought by partners and replicated in other cities
  • February 2016 - Brown Leaf Project Begins -
  • March 2016 - Adapted Design by other companies in Bangalore - here it is Sudh Labh
  • June 2016 - Leaf Composter installed in Temples and Parks
  • November 2016 - Koramangala Street Project - Padmashree Balaraman

Copies of Daily Dump leaf composters

  • April 2017 - Installation and trial in Cubbon Park - Lalbagh
  • April 2017 - Installation in White Field Temples
  • August 2017 - Daily Dump - Builds a prototype Leaf Composter Urinal with kids under the flyover in Hebbal
  • Dec 2017 - Daily Dump - Built a terracotta jali leaf composter with planter on side.
Variations of Daily Dump leaf composter
  • March 2018 - Dry Leaf Composting Center in Domlur

Daily Dump leaf composter at Domlur composting centre

Read more about leaf composting here and Listen to what some of our Leaf Composting Champions have to say too!  


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