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How to grow your home garden | simple gardening tips from Daily Dump

How to grow your home garden | simple gardening tips from Daily Dump

Viewing images of lush green plants in pretty pots on our digital devices is said to be visually calming. So imagine the positive effect that real plants at home have on our wellbeing! In fact their therapeutic value has been well validated by several studies. 

Given that we are spending a lot more time at home due to COVID related lockdowns and work-from-home situations, now, more than ever, we need a lot of green around us. 

Which is why we're excited to offer you our newest range of pretty planters for your home garden. You can choose from an array of bright, muted, and bold colours in different sizes and shapes to best suit your home and taste. Read on to know more about choosing the most suitable planter. We also share some tips and tricks to grow your garden without buying new plants!

How to choose the best pot /planter?

  • Do specific types of pots work well for certain plants? 
  • Do all pots work indoors and outdoors? 
  • What about maintenance and care of the pots?

With garden pots available in so many different materials today, it can be hard to decide on what is best. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose 

Coir Pots

Daily Dump coir garden pot with plant

Coir pots are made from coconut husk - a natural and biodegradable material. They are great to start your garden. After the seeds germinate you can transfer the saplings with the pot directly into soil or into a bigger pot; avoiding any transplantation shock. These pots enable good aeration for plant roots and better plant growth. Coir pots will last for about 1 year. 

Metal pots

Daily Dump square garden pots small

Metal pots are a great option for indoor plants. Always pot your plant in a smaller coir or plastic pot and then place it in the metal planter. Avoid putting soil and compost directly into the metal planter. This will ensure easy care and maintenance. 

You can use metal pots in different ways at home. We have a range of metal pots that can add some vibrancy to your plants. 

Daily Dump metal garden pots


Rubber pots 

Unbreakable and made from recycled material, rubber pots add an interesting touch to your garden. Use them for flowering plants and small shrubs.

Daily Dump rubber garden pot 5.5 inches


You can also find garden pots made of ceramic, terracotta, fibreglass and various other materials. Make sure they have holes to ensure good drainage. Start small and slowly build your oasis of green.

Choose from our wide range of pretty garden planters

Read on to learn about 5 plants that you can easily add to your garden, without spending anything!   

5 hardy plants to propagate and grow your garden 

Once you choose and buy your garden pots, the next stop is plants of course!  We've shortlisted 5 hardy plants that you can propagate and grow easily in your planter of your choice. You don't need to go out and buy plants immediately. And if you don't have these in your garden already, ask a neighbour or friend to spare a cutting! 

  1. Snake Plant
  2. Peace Lily
  3. Money Plant
  4. Spider Plant
  5. Syngonium 

These plants help tremendously in maintaining good quality indoor air. Watch the video below to learn how to propagate these plants easily for your home

How to make great potting mix for your houseplants 

Now that you have your pots and plants, it's time to get your potting mix ready. Much like cooking, each recipe of potting mix comes with its own variants but the basic ingredients are compost, cocopeat and soil, typically in a ratio of 1:1:1. For long-term protection and health of the plants, adding neem oil and panchagavya is advisable. 

    Congratulations if you already compost kitchen waste at home! Composting is easy and fun and saves you money too. If you need to buy compost do try Daily Dump Citizen Compost for your garden.  Those who've used it swear by it!

    See how Citizen Compost did wonders for these home gardens

    Coco peat is a lightweight, moisture absorbing material made from coconut husk. It ensures good aeration for optimal root growth. You can use Daily Dump CocoBrick to make your own coco peat for gardening and composting. 

    Learn to make coco peat for potting mix 

    Daily Dump Panchagavya for healthy plants


    A magic liquid manure and tonic that builds plant resilience. Read this article to know why farmers have used it for centuries 

    A natural insect repellent - just a few drops go a long way in ensuring that your plants are not attacked by unwanted insects. Learn how to use Neem oil in the garden here 

    Depending on the type of plant, and whether it is for indoor or outdoor,  the proportion and additional ingredients of the potting mix could vary. There are several blogs and videos online for help with this. Choose what best suits your needs.

    So, gather all your garden accessories and essentials and enjoy a Sunday morning in the garden. Tell us how it goes. Share pictures with our vibrant and helpful Instagram community here 

    To learn how to make your own compost at home, email us hello@dailydump.org or WhatsApp 9916422440. We are here to help!

    Stay Safe! Happy Composting & Growing

    15 Jul 2021


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