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How to Harvest, Sieve and Store Compost | Composting Tips from Daily Dump

How to Harvest, Sieve and Store Compost | Composting Tips from Daily Dump

Pongal, Bihu, Lohri, Makar Sankranti  - It's the winter harvest season and the start of longer days across India. A time to harvest what we have sown, a time to thank our farmers and Nature, a time to also value the rich nutrition that the Earth gives us - so generously.

And here is how we can harvest rich, black gold in our homes to give back some healthy nutrition to the Earth.

Ask anyone who has done it and they will tell you how gratifying and magical it is. Even therapeutic for many. If you would like to hear others share their composting stories, click here.

You can try it too!  Just email us at hello@dailydump.org 


Ready home Compost


Old newspaper or tarpaulin sheet

Container to store the compost

A few hours to spare


Check that your compost is ready. Check out our recent post on that for help.

Spread out the ready compost on some old newspaper or tarpaulin sheet.

Hand-pick the large pieces like corn cobs, mango seeds, bones etc and put them back in your active composter

Use the sieve on the rest of your compost to get fine tea-dust like texture. 

This can take time, so enjoy working with your hands

👉🏼Now that you have sieved your black gold, you need to store this precious resource well. Show it some love and care !

Daily Dump home composters for storing

Choose a well-aerated, covered container. Our Leave-it-Pots or Chomps work well.

Let the compost rest for at least one more month before using. 

🎁🎁 Gift it to friends, family and neighbours

🌳🌳Feed it to trees and plants in your neighbourhood

😇 Pat yourself on the back for keeping out precious organic waste from landfills. 


Daily Dump Protips for healthy compost

👉🏼 Do not sun-dry the compost 

👉🏼 Once a week you can add 2 tsp of neem powder, panchagavya or curds to keep your compost nutritious and healthy. 

👉🏼 Compost has no expiry date- you just need to make sure that is kept moist, aerated and covered.

Have more compost questions?

Email hello@dailydump.org | WhatsApp 9916422440


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