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How to make your garden greener! | Add Daily Dump Prithvi Khamba

How to make your garden greener! | Add Daily Dump Prithvi Khamba
If you have a little patch of green you surely want the best nutrition for your plants...
Composting Champion proudly stands with his Prithvi Khamba Row composter in the garden

Do you have a little space in your garden where the earthworms can feed on your fresh kitchen waste ? Then look no further. Our Prithvi Khambas help you do just that.

Elderly lady in her garden stirs the compost in her Daily Dump Prithvi Khamba

Place the Prithvi on a spot of soil, gently lower it into the ground for about 6 inches. Add a handful of dry leaves and a mug of water. Place the upper compartment of the Prithvi Khamba on top. This is the ready snack for your earthworms !

A pair of Daily Dump Prithvi Khambas for a growing garden

Add your kitchen waste, and let the win - win situation grow ! The earthworms feed on the kitchen waste, and in return give you rich worm castings in the lower part of the Khamba !

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