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In search of a home composter | Daily Dump Blog

In search of a home composter | Daily Dump Blog
Yogita Mehra shares how a small beginning has led to a lifelong relationship …

It’s strange how a small step can end up taking you on a long and wonderful journey.

And that’s all I did in 2008, take one little step.

When I was looking for ways to compost my kitchen waste in my flat, I came across the Daily Dump website and fell in love with the Kambha composter. I thought it had the right mix of seriousness to address a growing problem, fantastic aesthetics and just the right touch of irreverence to make it so much fun!

Living in Goa at that time meant that getting one Kambha shipped to me was not an option. But in her reply to my email, Poonam Bir Kasturi very casually mentioned that I could take her designs, get the Kambha made in Goa, use it and even sell the Kambha to others!

I scratched my head, not sure how to react to that email. So I promptly wrote back asking for the designs, which came to me even more promptly!

Homegarden with khamba compost

While I got busy trying to find potters to make these for me, friends who were passing through Bangalore two months later, and who knew of my new obsession, thought that a small Kambha would make a perfect first-wedding anniversary gift for us. They got the Kambha nicely wrapped, bumping and jostling with them on a 14-hour bus ride from Bangalore to Goa and delivered it to me - intact!

And that’s what love at first sight is like…. Remember ‘Fill it, shut it, forget it!”?

I thought the Kambha was just like that – an elegant solution to an ugly waste problem in our neighborhoods, easy to use and so pretty to boot.

In fact, I put it in a balcony right outside my drawing room and would proudly point out to anyone who came home, that they were right next to my ‘kitchen waste dump’ and it did not smell!

Green Essentials shop-Daily Dump Goa

The making of the Kambha did not happen in Goa; but from finding the Daily Dump website and writing to Poonam asking about its price in August of 2008, I ended 2008, with a lease for a shop in which I planned to sell Kambhas to everyone in my universe!

The better half obviously had better sense and pointed out that a shop with only one product usually does not do very well. And so we started off on a journey that became Green Essentials with a little bit of madness that still continues more than ten years later...

Winter kitchengarden with khamba compost


Yogita Mehra and her husband Karan Manral, run Green Essentials - a garden-cum-eco store in Goa, that attempts to provide healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives to products that we use at home everyday. Green Essentials promotes organic kitchen gardening in Goa through its gardening workshops and gardening setup services. They are also Daily Dump partners. 

If you are looking for the right composter for your home or want to know how to become a Daily Dump partner, just email us at hello@dailydump.org or WhatsApp 9916426661

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Daily Dump is brand of waste management products and services that help you do your bit to reduce the mess. We proudly make in India, for India.

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