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Maggots in Compost? How to deal with them in your Compost bin

Maggots in Compost? How to deal with them in your Compost bin

You can either love them or hate them but if you are composting at home, you cannot ignore them!

A couple of days into home composting, and you are sure to spot these wiggly creatures in your compost bin. If you do, you should celebrate because your compost pile is now right on track. The BSF maggots or larvae help in breaking down the organic matter at a remarkable speed – even faster than earthworms! 

Are BSF maggots harmful? 

Not at all! 

The BSF larvae and the adult fly are both harmless to humans. In fact they help to keep away the housefly and other flies. They do not bite or sting and are not associated with the transmission of any diseases.  And the truth is they are too busy living their very short lives. 

How they help composting

At the larval stage, these maggots are priceless. Their incessant eating at this stage helps reduce the size of the compost pile and accelerates the process. It is said that they can eat up 95% of a household’s wet waste! The natural  decomposition process results in release of carbon dioxide and other gases. With the action of our Compost Maker Remix Powder, the BSF larvae keep the release of gases in check.

 Still can’t stand them?

The Black Soldier Fly Maggots are prolific creatures that appear in all compost heaps – they are nature’s scavengers and good for composting. They love a very wet pile. We understand that they take some getting used to and they could leave you feeling repulsed when there are too many – the trick is to manage them. Lots of stirring (air) and adding Remix powder (dry component) will reduce their numbers.

Here are a few tips to help them stay in your composting bin and maintain their population 

☞ Add a generous layer of our Compost Maker Remix Powder daily over your kitchen waste. You can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep

☞ Especially during the rains, make sure your compost units don’t have excessive water in them.

☞ Add neem powder to maintain the overall health of the pile

We understand – many people freak out at the sight of these creatures. But we urge you to understand them better and let them do their job of breaking down your organic waste.Do befriend these superheroes of home composting…Then your composting will happen without any trouble! Trust us!

You can read more about the Black Soldier Fly maggots here

☞  Want another  another cool hack by one of our customers? Just email us at hello@dailydump.org

Stay Safe & Happy Composting


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