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Mr Bachchan, we'd like to gift you a Khamba!

Mr Bachchan, we'd like to gift you a Khamba!

Dear Mr. Bachchan,

Like so many Indians, we have been fans of yours since long back. From Sholay to Piku, we have valued your ability to entertain us and bring some good cheer into our lives.


We have also seen your image decorating many bus stands in Bengaluru over the years, promoting various products. But imagine our surprise when we saw you encouraging Bangaloreans to compost–in Kannada no less! Just around the corner from our little shop in Indira Nagar, we see your image every day, reinforcing what we’ve been trying to do in our little corner of India for over ten years: compost!


All of the TV spots we’ve seen of you promoting composting at event venues, school cafeterias, and apartment complexes are fabulous and we hope to see them plastered all over people’s television screens just like our bus stands. It’s great to see you as the face of Swachh Bharat!



We have designed what we think are the most beautiful composters in India. We call them kambhas and we've trained potters across India. We want everyone in India to see “waste” as a beautiful resource. That’s why we put a great deal of thought into what we produce. We love that our khambas come from the earth just as the compost they help create will go back into it.

We want composting to be a national habit Mr Bachchan


We would love to send you one of our kambhas to garnish your garden. We think with the khamba, you’ll love composting!

Just email or call us at +91 99164 26661 or  hello@dailydump.org and we’ll send one of these fabulous composters your way!

Your fans,

The Daily Dump Team

24 Mar 2017


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